Grafting and Marcottage – 2 in 1 Method, by Charles Atiu


Taking as starting points the articles on Grafting ( and about Marcottage /Air Layering ( explained by Master Charles Atiu on this blog, he is presenting us his combined method of grafting and marcottage – 2 in 1.

Here is the procedure, as Master Atiu presents it:

“This method has as goal to gain precious time and effort for those who want to obtain new flowering plants in a very short time.

A. First of all, choose a plant and perform a graft on it ( This is the first step and is compulsory to be followed.

B. Verify if the grafting was sucessfull by looking for new tiny buds 🙂

C. After this, use the Marcottage method ( ) in order to obtain a new grafted plant in a few weeks.




B1: When the marcotte produced its own roots you can cut it from the mother-plant and pot it in its own pot.

Floare marcota-grefa

Flowering young plant obtained trough grafting and marcottage procedure

It is very important to follow the steps as indicated, meaning first: GRAFT, and second MARCOTTAGE.

Here are some pictures with a plant after only 6 weeks in its own pot.




The huge advantage of this procedure is that in between stages you have to do nothing, because the mother plant feeds by itself the new graft/marcotte. One must only wait for the marcotte to produce its own roots in order to obtain a new plant having the desired characteristics.

This method can be tried by anyone. Even a beginner can obtain very good results, but only if the procedure is followed as described above. If you do the things backwards, and practice the marcottage first, the danger for the marcotte to cease grows considerably, as long as the procedure is performed on an already weakened plant section.

A new plant obtained by the combined procedure “grafting/marcottage” can produce flowers even before being potted in its own pot, but as a general rule a plant obtained by this method starts to bloom in only about a month after being potted in its own pot.

Moorea Mon Amour

Moorea Mon Amour obtained by this method, flowering before being potted in its own pot

This reproduction method allows me to obtain easily thousands of clones, practically in no-time (and those who graft plants will understand what I mean!)

For those who want to try and experiment this method, I wish them all good luck!

Charles Atiu”


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