Brown can be the most beautiful colour


Enjoy browns as you didn’t see them before… as Moorea hibiscus browns.

One thing is true: In hybridization we work only with probability. By taking into consideration the genetic potential of each flower, we judge in our spirit and our mind if a cross could be favorable or not. Each hybridizer has its own judgment and way of doing things. As with colors, it is impossible to see two identical hybridizers in terms of their quest, direction, and above all, results. Let’s take the case of maroon color. If we cross maroon colors very often, the possibilities of obtaining maroon flowers will be increased, but there’s no certainty that the results in this direction will be satisfactory within what we look for. In all case, the more experiments one does with the flowers, the easier it will be to find the direction one is looking for.

Charles Atiu

Moorea Timeri Beauty

Moorea Timeri Beauty

Moorea Shalimar    Moorea Incertitude

Moorea Shalimar                                                            Moorea Incertitude

Moorea Melissa N
Moorea I Met An Angel

Moorea I Met an Angel                                                                                               Moorea Melissa N.

Moorea Aiud Sunset

Moorea Aiud Sunset

Moorea Bird's NestMoorea Legend

Moorea Bird’s Nest

                                                                                                                               Moorea Legend

Moorea Cancan IF 

Moorea Brune Anastasya                                                                                   Moorea Cancan


Moorea Crazy Gold

Details about the parentage of these cultivars can be found on IHS – at letter “M”

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cultivars


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