A Special Flower For A Very Special Lady – IMMA Monica Trușcă


I would like to present my warmest gratitude to the very special Lady, who makes an every day effort to transmit to you and the whole world the Hybridising Opera of  Master Charles Atiu. I thank Mrs. Monica Trușcă for her kindness, her goodwill, her hard work and last, but certainly not least, for her wonderful friendship. You are a Great Lady, Monica, and I want to THANK YOU from all my heart.

It seems that I am in consent with Master Charles Atiu, who dedicates this amazingly beautiful flower to Mrs. Monica Trușcă.

Enjoy this unique flower and the other new IMMA cultivars for today.

IMMA Monica Trusca

IMMA Monica Trușcă

IMMA Intriguing Feelings

IMMA Intriguing Feelings

IMMA Be Fearless

IMMA Be Fearless

IMMA Almsgiving

IMMA Almsgiving

Details about the parentage of these cultivars can be found on IHS – at letter “I”


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cultivars



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  1. Hi Charles, I would just like to Congratulate you on reaching your 3000 registration. I have been away a while so I am a little late I know but congrats anyway. I hope I get to see your 4000 and even your 5000 here is hoping. You must be proud of your staff and family for their work. From Australia, John


  2. I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year. I hope the joy of Hibiscus touches everyone’s hearts and they can enjoy the beauty and love that this flower can give.
    From Australia

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