Hats off to Charles Atiu!


I want to share with you some of my thoughts, related to those people who help this blog to stay alive. I am sure that, if you read this, you love hibiscus and especially Moorea Hibiscus. This means Charles Atiu. He’s just a man. He’s restless. He’s a Genius. He shares his wonderful creations with all of us, but fortunately he is not alone (my deepest admiration and respect to MT!). Most of the time, we are not aware of  what happens behind the curtain, about these people’s problems and worries. We see only the splendid result of the work. Maybe it is time to be aware that Master Atiu has a dream. He dreams that his progeny and the progeny of his progeny will come to know his work. To this work he dedicated all his life. From dawn to dusk. To The Hibiscus. And Moorea. Meaning Moorea Hibiscus. Hats off to Charles ATIU !

121 Moorea Winter In Romania3 3- 4 5 6 6- 7 7Moorea-Antonia 8 9 Moorea Child's Tears 9 10 11 Moorea Pentru Tine 11Moorea Casiana 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21- Moorea Fine Touch 21 22 22- 22Moorea Mama Kis 23 24 25 26 Moorea Golden Powder 26 27 28 Moorea La Boheme 28 29 30 31


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