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Halloween Night Blooms


Before posting any of wonderful Moorea blooms you’re used to, and because tonight it’s Halloween, I’d like to pinpoint a character usually associated with this day (or night), namely Dracula (Vlad Tepes in Romanian). Because there are lots of stories about this Romanian prince, I think it would be interesting to show you another face of this character, who was misjudged many times in history.


And, having said that, let the Halloween begin !


Happy Halloween!

Many dark blooms for this day, coming from our favorite hibiscus creator, Master Charles Atiu. Hope you will not be afraid tonight… 🙂

3 Moorea Road To Inferno


35 8 Moorea Estranya Tacada26 NMMA Black Heart12 Moorea Pentru Tine29 GMMA Lethal 32 NMMA Reckless10 Moorea Nouveau Scenario289 OMMA Lord Of Light20 NMMA Dracula's Fiancée14 Moorea Angel Or Devil303113-34336 Moorea Boomerang7 LMMA Link For Life1124 Moorea Timisoara16 JMMA Black Widow18212322