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Creme De La Creme De Moorea – Special New Year’s Eve


Some of Master Atiu’s best creations, a special treat for a special night!

May that God be with all of us in the Year to come 🙂

1 Moorea Queen Of My Heart 2 Moorea Road To Inferno

3 NMMA Stranger's Kiss

 4 Moorea Child's Tears 5 6 7 Moorea Charles Heart 8 NMMA Apache Tears 9 10 GMMA Nastasia Minescu 11 Moorea Pentru Tine 12 13 IMMA Good Night Charles! 14 NMMA Dracula's Fiancee 15 16 17 NMMA Black Heart 18 Moorea La Boheme 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 Moorea Angel Or Devil 36 37 38 NMMA Bombay Cat 39 OMMA Fake Friend 40 41 42 OMMA 10th Annyversary 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 Moorea Grumpy 54 Moorea Dream Of Angel 55 56 57 58 59- 60


Bye Bye, 2014! Last QMMA Blooms


There are only few more hours left ’till 2015. And here they are, last QMMA cultivars, by Charles ATIU. What wonders are expecting us next year? 🙂

Have A Happy New 2015 Year, with all the best wishes for you and your families!
QMMA Bye Bye 2014 QMMA Italian Confetti QMMA New Year's Eve

Best Of Charles Atiu’s 2014 – Mission Impossible


We are closer and closer to the New Year’s Eve. A new beginning for all of us. With hope and faith, with love and forgiveness. It is also that time of year when we want to make a review of what we did, what was right or wrong. For me, this year was the Moorea Hibiscus Year. Almost every day of it I tried to present to you the genial, hard and restless work of the genius that is Master Charles Atiu. It was a huge pleasure and a great honour for me, and I want to especially thank my best friend and mentor, Mrs. Monica Trușcă, who’s work was at least as important as mine to make this dream come true. This is why it is so hard to try and choose only SOME of this year’s blooms, instead of ALL, because they all are equally beautiful to me. I called this task MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and I just picked one or other from them, because I couldn’t choose…

I hope it was pleasant for you too, to see, day by day, how the Moorea seeds transform into the most wonderful blooms that God ever create. I find appropriate to insert a quote from Master Charles Atiu’s book, that, for me, represents the quintessence and the ars poetica of his creation.

My name is Charles Atiu . I was born on an island in the Pacific, where I still live today, surrounded by thousands of hibiscuses that I created myself. I’m just a man who wants to share this passion that became a way of life .

For years I traveled through gardens in Tahiti , the main island of the Archipelago and Moorea , the island where I was born and where I live , and I noticed in my wanderings that the hibiscuses on both islands had the same colors. I asked myself why is there no other colors, to make them more attractive flowers. I decided to try to change things ! While I collected the few local varieties available, I found that there are others around the world , and having the means at hand , I ordered about 30 varieties that were the starting point for my future research. Plant propagation by grafting, cuttings and layering had no secrets for me, but I have to admit – hibiscus hybridization was a completely new thing.

In those days, the only viable source of information was a book called Palmer ‘s Hibiscus . It was exactly what I needed for what I had to learn. And I learned it by heart. Every day for months, I studied it until it became a part of me. Somehow, it became my Bible. And finally, once I felt this, I could start my life as a hibiscus hybridizer .

Excerpt from Charles Atiu – HIBISCUS – A passion dedicated life

JANUARY 2014 – index Moorea

15 Moorea Gaillardia

Moorea Water VeilMoorea Crazy WitchMoorea Queen Of My HeartMoorea Sovereign

FEBRUARY 2014 – index Fabulous

Fabulous Laurentiu Fabulous Dance Whith Me5- Fabulous Moon Purple IceFabulous Cool ChampagneFabulous Mommy

MARCH 2014 – index GMMA

25 GMMA Beauty From Pain 2 GMMA Burn For You12 GMMA Drops of Serenity2-GMMA Lethal14 GMMA Haven's Price3GMMA Nastasia Minescu18-GMMA Cézanne Painting

APRIL 2014 – index HMMA

2 HMMA Chivalric Code

HMMA Spring ThawHMMA Miracles Of LoveHMMA GaloreHMMA Abandoned14HMMA Fragments of LifeHMMA Daring

MAY 2014 – index IMMA

4 IMMA Monica Trușcă 1 IMMA Casiana Gabriela3 IMMA Firefly14 IMMA Lunar Corona12 IMMA Good Night Charles!19-IMMA Cobra Butterfly21 IMMA Le Coeurs Brules11 IMMA Tomassina

JUNE 2014 – index JMMA

2 JMMA  1001 Nights 10 JMMA  Ady's Birthday27 JMMA Zinedine Zidane29 JMMA Démiurge7  JMMA Under Your Spell2-JMMA Goodnight Mister Sun23-JMMA Baby Godzilla8 JMMA Carry My Soul27 JMMA Symphony In The Stars3-JMMA Summer Nostalgia

JULY 2014 – index KMMA

12 KMMA I Am Charles Atiu 3-KMMA C'est Moi2 KMMA Wildest Moments1 KMMA I'm Polynesian8 KMMA My Deepest Love27 KMMA Tihoti Unique3 KMMA Chain Of Memories6KMMA 53 Candles6-KMMA Praf De Stele

AUGUST 2014 – index LMMA

2 LMMA Premier Août LMMA Vanessa Atalanta5-LMMA Suflet Trist10 LMMA 48 Spring3- LMMA Beautiful Friendship24 LMMA Silk Road3- LMMA My Echo Soul

SEPTEMBER 2014 – index NMMA

9 NMMA Delirium 20 NMMA Aria20 NMMA Bombay Cat34 NMMA Goodbye Forever47 NMMA Daddy Cool13 NMMA Polynesian Voodoo2 NMMA Reva3-NMMA Reckless1 NMMA Dracula's Fiancée15 NMMA Silent Cry30 -NMMA Mythical Asia4 NMMA Charles's Dream

OCTOBER 2014 – index OMMA

5- OMMA Casiana Smiling9 OMMA Sharpshooter40 OMMA Unlucky In Love11-OMMA Chanson D'automne12 OMMA Snow In Midsummer26 OMMA Believer12-OMMA Sweet Lies33 OMMA 10th Anniversary5 OMMA L'amour Blessé19 -OMMA Un Cuore MalatoOMMA MonaOMMA Hole In My Soul

NOVEMBER 2014 – index PMMA

PMMA Dancing With Charlie 1 PMMA Declaratie De DragostePMMA Doll DreamPMMA Fabuleux Destin20 PMMA LOVEPMMA Who Killed LovePMMA My Precious OnePMMA Patricia42 PMMA Touché D'AmourPMMA Beastly

DECEMBER 2014 – index QMMA

2-QMMA Love Never DiesQMMA Listen To The Rain2 QMMA Charles' Passion

QMMA King Of The Pan Flute8 QMMA Fluture De MataseQMMA Merci Cherie14 QMMA Killer Blow