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Solar Colors Waiting For The Sun To Come


AMMA u0100gamaAMMA TiantaiAMMA Bayon Temple


Our Romanian Halepeno


Simona Halep is a brand. Her nickname, given by the former American tennis coach Brad Gilbert, became well-known.

Enjoy the perfect smile of this beautiful, talented and hard-working girl.

AMMA Abito Rosa AMMA Halepeu00F1o AMMA Lucky Dice

PS: She already received a dedication on this blog, from Master Charles Atiu.

JMMA Simona Halep



Because my last posts were about hibiscus and Fado, today I will present you OperFado – both hibiscus and concept. OperFado brings together Opera and Fado, and the result is amazing. This concept and it’s materialization were carried out by two Stars – Romanian Soprano Elena Moşuc and Portuguese Fado singer Goncalo Salgueiro.

AMMA Elena Moşuc

AMMA Gonçalo Salgueiro

 AMMA OperFado