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Kissed By A Rose


CMMA Kiss From A Rose

 CMMA Magic Weapon CMMA Nobody Loves Me


Novelties Inspired From The 日本国 Nipponkoku


Japanese culture has evolved greatly from its origins. Contemporary culture combines influences from Asia, Europe and North America. Traditional Japanese arts include crafts such as ceramics, textiles, lacquerware, swords and dolls; performances of bunraku, kabuki, noh, dance and rakugo; and other practices, the tea ceremony, ikebana, marital arts, origami, onsen, Geisha and games. CMMA Kabuki

CMMA Makoto CMMA Minoru

New Blooms, Names And Colors – Weekend CMMA’s


 This weekend, you can say Adios Tristeza and feel the Colors Of The Wind walking on the Streets Of Timisoara and having a Dinner For Two, with Kare-Kare and Corn Sorbet for desert… And maybe a fado will make your day… Gonçalo Salgueiro bringing a beautiful tribute to Amalia Rodrigues.

CMMA Adiós Tristeza

CMMA Colors Of The Wind

    CMMA Corn Sorbet CMMA Dinner For Two CMMA Kare-Kare CMMA Streets Of Timisoara