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December, 10th


For today I chose two masterpieces of a Master, siblings but not identical. Moorea Silver Sun and Moorea Solar Blue share their genealogy, meaning that Moorea Silver Sun comes from the same parents as Moorea Gray Queen, which is the mother of Moorea Solar Blue.

Enjoy this weekend. Xmas is not that far away…

Moorea Silver Sun

Moorea Silver Sun

2- Moorea Silver Sun

Mother: 4596807903                                                           Topaz Glory


Tahitian Prince

Tahitian Prince

… and the exquisite Moorea Solar BlueMoorea Solar Blue2321

Mother:Moorea Grey Queen

Moorea Gray Queen (sister of Moorea Silver Sun. Parents: Topaz Glory and Tahitian Prince)

Father:Moorea Lovely Rainbow

Moorea Lovely Rainbow


December, 8th


Waiting for the Blessed Night of Christmas, we can enjoy a Blessed Night from Moorea, by Charles ATIU.


34 Moorea Blessed NighMother:

9 Moorea Timeri BeautyFather:

4596807903Topaz Glory

9 Moorea Blessed NightUpside and below, the same beautiful cultivar: Moorea Blessed Night.

8 Moorea Blessed Night

December, 4th


Needless to say more about the beauty of this Moorea bloom. It’s absolutely unique.

1 Moorea Road To Inferno

Mother: Moorea Orlando Sunrise

Moorea Orlando Sunrise

Father: Moorea Pentru Tine

Moorea Pentru Tine

Being one of my favorite Moorea hibiscus I insert here the links to my other posts about Moorea Road To Inferno.

Enjoy the beauty and the uniqueness of Master Charles Atiu’s creations 🙂

Already December…


Although is already December, I can’t help myself but think of hibiscus. The colors, the shapes, all that is linked to them is magic.

Every day ’till Xmas I will post a Moorea for you, from those that I like most. Like a Hibiscus Advent Calendar.

For today I chose Moorea Vatina, one of my favorite Mooreas.

Moorea Vatina [1 Moorea Vatina

The parents of wonderful Moorea Vatina are Moorea Vaitea

Moorea Vaiteaand Tahitian Sophistication.

Tahitian Sophistication

One of it’s most beautiful offspring is Chris Chang’s bloom named

Lilian’s Cosmopolitan (mother: Moorea Vatina and father : Moorea Imperial Blossom)

13-30BEnjoy this first page from Moorea Hibiscus Advent Calendar 🙂

For tomorrow the clue is: dark blue.