Monthly Archives: February 2016

Late Valentine


Although it’s kind of late, I think is never too late for some Moorea wonders 🙂


Happy Late Valentine! from Moorea.




Almost Spring Delirium (NMMA Delirium)


It’s almost spring in my heart and I can’t wait to see some new jewels on my Mooreas.

‘Till then, please note this dark beauty. I’m sure you’ve noticed it almost a year ago, when Master Charles Atiu created it.

The mother is Moorea Milagro, but the father is unknown 🙂 Still, the child is awesome :)))))

Here you can find some references about this (almost) black beauty:

1-NMMA Delirium9 NMMA DeliriumFill your souls with uniqueness of Atiu trademark creations.

Have a nice weekend!