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Master Charles ATIU’s site


Hello, all 🙂

Because many of my friends asked me about a source for Moorea seeds and wood, here is the address to Master Charles Atiu’s site:

You can write here: and communicate with Master Atiu and his team.


Good luck and Happy Hibiscus Growing!


Happy 55th Anniversary To Master Charles ATIU!


Every year, on July 11th, is the day when the genius of hibiscus world pins one more hibiscus bloom in his life bouquet. Today, we celebrate this event by special VMMA creations, dedicated to Master Charles Atiu.

Happy Birthday, Master Atiu! And may God guides your huge talent to give this world your unique creations, for the happiness of all hibiscus lovers.



VMMA 55th Anniversary

More and more images from Master Atiu’s Hibiscus Paradise for us all.


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July, 2016 – VMMA Wonders


Because tomorrow is a special day – July 11 – here are the most recent Moorea creations – VMMA A Gift Of Gladness, VMMA July 11, VMMA Hendrik Jan Gommer, VMMA White Lion.

I must say that VMMA Hendrik Jan Gommer is dedicated to a great hibiscus lover and owner of a great nursery in Holland. Because of him many of the European hibiscus passionates are able to get some rare cultivars, and go on with their hobby.

A link to Gommer nursery here:

Hope you’ll enjoy all these new creations.

Have a great Sunday :))))


KMMA I Am Charles Atiu


A real beauty, something special for real!

12 KMMA I Am Charles Atiu


16 Moorea Abyss

Father: 11 Moorea Pentru Tine

Description (from IHS site):

Color: Color of Veining: White, Color Of Spots and Splashes: None, Eye Zone Color: Pink, Number of Colors: four, Number of Rings of Color: two, Color of Stamen Pads: Red,
Bloom: Form of Bloom: Flat, Bloom Features: Ruffled, Petal Overlap: less than 1/4, Veining: moderate, Substance: excellent, Duration: 2 day, Presentation: Upward, Eye Zone Size: large


Unforgettable NMMA Cultivars


I’m sure that, if you read this, you love hibiscus and especially Moorea Hibiscus. This means Charles Atiu. He’s just a man. He’s restless. He’s a Genius. He shares his wonderful creations with all of us, but fortunately he is not alone (my deepest admiration and respect to MT!). Most of the time, we are not aware of  what happens behind the curtain, about these people’s problems and worries. We see only the splendid result of their work. Maybe it is time to be aware that Master Atiu has a dream. He dreams that his progeny and the progeny of his progeny will come to know his work. To this work he dedicated all his life. From dawn to dusk. To The Hibiscus. And Moorea. Meaning Moorea Hibiscus.

For me, the NMMA Moorea Cultivars, created by the genius master Charles ATIU and registred with IHS during September, 2014, represent a milestone inside the New Charles Atiu Collection. We are talking here about peerless creations, such as NMMA Dracula’s Fiancee, NMMA Aria, NMMA Bombay Cat, NMMA A Stranger’s Kiss, NMMA Black Heart, NMMA Delirium, NMMA Charles’s Dream, and so on…

Hats off, Master ATIU !



About a Masterpiece. Moorea Aroha Belle Fille


Moorea Aroha Belle Fille, cultivar registered in 2009, is an oldie, but goldie Moorea hybrid.

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This is a 100% Moorea wonder, coming from Moorean parents:

Mother: Moorea Iaorana Girl

Moorea Iaorana Girl

Father: Moorea Anastasya

Moorea Anastasya

As described on IHS site, the characteristics of this Masterpiece by Charles ATIU are:

Color: One half of each petal purple, the other light violet. Color of Veining: Pinkish turning into bluish. Eye Zone Color: dark purple. Number of Colors: three, Concentric Rings Of Color: one

Bloom: Form Of Bloom: Flat, Petal Overlap: less than 1/2, Veining: Mild, Spotted or Splashed: No, Substance: 3=average, Duration of Bloom: 2 day, Bloom Presentation: Lateral to Upward, Eye Zone Size: Medium (125 – 150 mm.)

Enjoy this treat!