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One Grumpy And One Belle Fille


Two beautiful blooms, different creations of One and Only Genius – Master Charles Atiu.

Moorea Aroha Belle Fille was registred with the IHS in 2009, an oldie, but goldie Moorean Cultivar. The parents are Moorea Iaorana Girl (pod parent)

Moorea Iaorana Girl

and Moorea Anastasya (pollen parent)

Moorea Anastasya

The size of the bloom is around 15 cm. and is lovely, as it can be seen from the images below.

The other Moorea cultivar emphasized here (although there are so many others to be emphasized…in fact all of Master Atiu’s creation 🙂 – is Moorea Grumpy.

Child of Moorea Silver Storm (pod parent)

Moorea Silver Storm

and Moorea Merveille Intensity (pollen parent)

15 Moorea Merveille Intensity

Moorea Grumpy is one of a kind.

Quite a paradox – a Grumpy that produces joy :)))))