I’m a great admirer of Master Charles Atiu’s work. I admire his modesty, hard work and above all his genius. My passion started all of a sudden, before I even saw the first hibiscus seed. It was something that became a part of my life. I couldn’t live without the hibiscuses now. My daily rutine includes the Hibiscus time. This time is for my soul. Only for my pleasure. Is a panacea to many other expensive or unhealthy hobbys.


This blog is an expression of my warm admiration for a true genius of hibiscus world: Charles Atiu.

And, as I said in my first post, maybe it all started with Moorea Casiana.

poza mare - CopyMoorea Casiana

Moorea Casiana

Another face of Moorea Casiana

Photo credit Isabelle Dejean, Facebook

Another rendition of Moorea Casiana obtained by Master Charles Atiu.

2-Moorea Casiana

Moorea Casiana

As Master Atiu was so kind to name another of his Masterpieces after me, a Novelty from 2014, I give you IMMA Casiana Gabriela, that I am very proud of!

IMMA Casiana GabrielaIMMA Casiana Gabriela

1-IMMA Casiana Gabriela 2nd day

IMMA Casiana Gabriela – second day

And the newest in the family… OMMA Casiana Smiling 🙂

Thank you, Master Atiu!OMMA Casiana Smiling

My own cultivars obtained from Moorea seeds:



Seedling from Master C. Atiu’s seed (Tahitian Gabonnaise x Dancing Kevin)


 Same as above, winter flower


Seedling from Master C. Atiu’s seed (Moorea Dancing Kevin x 647)


Same as above, winter flower

537663_177822215697132_101728472_n (1)33183820249_GJGHVHD


Seedling from Master C. Atiu’s seed (unk x unk)

91467628_VDBCIYK3 91467650_RKDOYOG3





Seedling from Master C. Atiu’s seed (unk x unk)

DSCN5348 DSCN5355 DSCN5387 DSCN5385

My new baby from Moorea seeds. Thank you, Master Atiu, for this wonderful bloom. The seeds were sown on December, 10th, 2010.


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  1. Greetings,

    I used to live on Moorea at the UC Gump Station many years ago, and these beautiful Hibiscus bring back island memories. Do you know where I can buy plants of Charles Atui hybrids that ships to San Francisco, California? I especially like Moorea Silver Sun. Thank you for all your help and the wonderful pictures.


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