by Charles ATIU

It is difficult to find two identical colors. In fact, each flower has its own colors. I have noticed that some flowers concentrate the colors, while others disperse them. And it also occurs that strong colors disappear to give birth to an almost different new one.

 In genetics two things must be clearly distinguished: theory and practice. As we do not know the genetic background of the hibiscus, it often happens that we suddenly obtain colors different from what we are looking for. To avoid these kinds of deviations, it is a good idea to first cross similar colors, to increase the chances of finding the desired color amongst the young new plants. In the search for colors, it is convenient that these are tested in the same way, to save time. Then it is possible to combine them at will.

 One thing is true: In hybridization we work only with probability. By taking into consideration the genetic potential of each flower, we judge in our spirit and our mind if a cross could be favorable or not. Each hybridizer has its own judgment and way of doing things. As with colors, it is impossible to see two identical hybridizers in terms of their quest, direction, and above all, results. Let’s take the case of maroon color. If we cross maroon colors very often, the possibilities of obtaining maroon flowers will be increased, but there’s no certainty that the results in this direction will be satisfactory within what we look for. In all case, the more experiments one does with the flowers, the easier it will be to find the direction one is looking for.

 It must be stated however, that orientation in this field is not easy, given the lack of information on the genetics of hibiscus. Most hybridizers often work at random, though is also frequent that some new marvels are obtained this way.


I think it is a good idea to make a sort of Dictionary for all the Cultivars Master Atiu obtained during his Passion Dedicated Life, the object of this Passion being the Moorea Hibiscus, The King Of  Flowers.

Both Moorea Hibiscus and Charles ATIU became a brand name, after so many years of hard work of this wonderful MAN. For sure, it needs to have GENIUS to create SO MANY and SO DIFFERENT hybrids. And there is no doubt about it!

I hope the Taxonomy I’m rending as follows will be useful for all the lovers of Moorea Hibiscus, as well as for the future exegetists of Master’s Atiu work.

You will find all the cultivars obtained by Master Atiu ’till now under the tag  ATIUpedia, each letter being treated as an item.





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  1. Szégyenlem megkérdezni, de MUSZÁJ!hogy adsz-e el hibiszkusz töveket? Olyan csodálatosak, És Rajtad kivül sehol nem lehet beszerezni. Ha igen, kérlek, irj pár sort, hogy mi a lebonyolitás módja, és mennyibe kerül. Ne haragudj, ha nem, nem akartalak megsérteniCsak gondoltam, a végtelenségig a saját örömödre nem szaporithatod.
    Mégegyszer bocs, nem bántó szándékkal irtam. Üdvözlettel Rostásné Teri

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    • Hi , Teri . Örülök , hogy hallani rólad . Bárcsak én is ilyen és virágok 🙂 ) ) De a Teremtő és a tulajdonos egy hybridizer Genius – Mester Charles Atiu és Ő él a szigeten Moorea Francia Polinézia . A magok és a fa forduljon a felhasználó Autetiare a Facebook-on Moorea . Ő is része a mester Atiu családja és Moorea értékesíti magvak és fa. Ők is , ahol van egy telek eladási magvak és fa. Itt a link : http://www.hibiscusofmoorea.com/#/shop/4578573816
      Sok szerencsét.


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