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6 Months of Moorea Hibiscus – Heaven On Earth


I am proud to say that we celebrate 6 months of Moorean Hibiscus here, on Moorea Hibiscus – Heaven On Earth. Over 270 posts about an incredible man, his story and his work.

My warmest gratitude for Mrs. Monica Truşcă and for Master Charles Atiu. They know why 🙂

Maybe this remember will please you…


It all began with Moorea Casiana

It all began with Moorea Casiana… Or maybe a long time before this wonderful gift that Master Atiu made to me. Maybe it was in a cold day of December, 2010, when I bought some hibiscus seeds from an internet auction. I had no idea neither what hibiscus was it about, nor what to do with them. Small and black, like pepper beans, these tiny seeds contained the germs of some of the most wonderful flowers on Earth: Moorea Hibiscus. Their “father” was master Charles Atiu, a genius hybridizer with an incredible story.

And so the story begins…


Moorea Casiana


(And so, the story begins…) With Master Atiu’s so-called Bible

My name is Charles Atiu . I was born on an island in the Pacific, where I still live today, surrounded by thousands of hibiscuses that I created myself. I’m just a man who wants to share this passion that became a way of life .

For years I traveled through gardens in Tahiti , the main island of the Archipelago and Moorea , the island where I was born and where I live , and I noticed in my wanderings that the hibiscuses on both islands had the same colors. I asked myself why is there no other colors, to make them more attractive flowers. I decided to try to change things ! While I collected the few local varieties available, I found that there are others around the world , and having the means at hand , I ordered about 30 varieties that were the starting point for my future research. Plant propagation by grafting, cuttings and layering had no secrets for me, but I have to admit – hibiscus hybridization was a completely new thing.

In those days, the only viable source of information was a book called Palmer ‘s Hibiscus . It was exactly what I needed for what I had to learn. And I learned it by heart. Every day for months, I studied it until it became a part of me. Somehow, it became my Bible. And finally, once I felt this, I could start my life as a hibiscus hybridizer .

Excerpt from Charles Atiu – HIBISCUS -A passion dedicated life