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About Marcottage or Air layering, by Charles Atiu


Moorea 24 FaubourgMoorea 24 Faubourg
Moorea Romantique Quatrain     Moorea Cauchemar                               

                       Moorea Romantique Quatrain                                  Moorea Cauchemar

Being an easy method to obtain clones from a mother plant, I present you today Master Atiu’s Marcottage method, step by step.

Spring is approaching so you must try this method on your plants, especially if you intend to prune them for the next season. Maybe it worths to wait a few more weeks and have a new plant!

1.materialele necesare        2.alegem o planta cu ramuri cu diametrul de minim 10 mmm . 

Materials you need: a pruning scissors, a sharp knife, a hand full of sphagnum moss, some aluminum foil. Choose a branch as thick as a pencil with some bark on it.

3.curatam frunzele si taiem varful Remove all the leaves from the choosen branch.

4.marcam coaja la un interval de 1,5-2 cm         5.curatam coaja

Cut around the wood at two points about an 1″apart.    Make a third cut so the bark can be peeled away

6.curam coaja complet  7.scoatem un strat subtire de tesut verde

Peel away all the bark                                                                  Scrap the cambium from the entire segment

8.punem spagnum de jur-imprejurul taieturii    9.ambalam cu folie de aluminiu

The soggy sphagnum is clumped around the bare area        Wrap the aluminium foil around the area

11.eliminam aerul si fixam capetele foliei prin rasucire

12.marcota este gata

Squeeze it tight to eliminate the air and seal in the moisture.                    The layer is ready.

13. pentru inradacinare se asteapta 2-4-6 luni, in functie de varietate si conditii de calduraumiditate verifica radacina marcotei

After 2-4 months the layer is ready and a lot of new roots can be seen on right image

15 -se taie marcota de pe planta mama  16  -marcota desprinsa de pe planta-mama (are 6 luni)

Cut the layer from mother plant

17- radacina marcota, pregatita pentru plantarea in substrat  19 -se marcheaza locul unde imtroducem marcota

Check the new roots and prepare the pot for the new plant

20 .introducem marcota in substrat  21- udam bine marcota si o asezam intr-un loc umbrit, la caldura .

Plant the layer and wet it well. Place the pot in a shady place.

There you are! Having a brand new healthy plant, ready to flower the same season.