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For All The Beautiful Friendships


Is it right?



I can see friendship in colors…of Moorea 🙂 🙂 🙂

Eternally Blue – my favorite…

3KMMA I Am Charles Atiu

1Moorea Midnight Poison




20 Moorea Angel Or Devil




226 KMMA Breezy Bird

Orange for a good mood 🙂 🙂 🙂

149 IMMA Firefly

12 IMMA Harbor Light


21 JMMA Desert Sunrise

Shades of purple for the soul …





1917 IMMA Forgive and Forget



And the most special…Browns

6 7


24 JMMA Cerrado Savann
27 KMMA Armonia
29 30 LMMA Beautiful Friendship


What A Cat! – NMMA Bombay Cat – 04.09


New beauties coming from Moorea Wonder Hibiscus Factory, made by Master Charles Atiu.NMMA Bombay CatNMMA Apache Tears

NMMA Reckless

Details about the parentage of these cultivars can be found on IHS – at letter “N”

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cultivars

Merveille Intensity Of Moorea Hibiscus Sanctuary


I wish a great weekend to all hibiscus lovers, especially those who love Master Charles Atiu’s work.

And a few words from this genius hybridizer about Rainbows.

Some people have well marked predilection for the  so -called ” Rainbows “. There are flowers that have the ability to transmit their progeny the “rainbow effect” or “rainbow” characters.

Sometimes they don’t look exactly the way we expect from them to look-as a rainbow, and yet they have amazing qualities. Take for example Moorea Sublime A., a red flower with purple edges. Although it doesn’t look like a rainbow, it is one of Moorea Angela ‘s Rainbow parents. In fact, a “rainbow producer” is not called like this because of his color. A hybridized always takes into account the previous experiences and genealogy of the flowers, always looking to get the best performance. Repeated attempts and failures are, paradoxically, the key to discovery of certain features that can be helpful in this endeavor. From experience I have found out there are flowers that are able to focus, disperse or mix – to a greater or lesser extent – one or more colors. Of course, all these personal experiences are part of a rather personal field that the hybridizer will not disclose, in order to avoid plagiarism.

Some of world hybridizers choose to use the name “rainbow “, even if the flower does not look like it. Often this line is taken with respect to its predecessors.

And yet, how many colors should have a flower to be called a “rainbow “? Aside from specific cases, I personally think that a really “rainbow“ should have five colors, but in most cases, three or four are sufficient for the name to be given. Flowers with five to seven colors are rare, and not all can transmit the desired genes. Moreover, their names do not necessarily bare the “rainbow” in their name, despite the outstanding color quality.

We could get “rainbows” in various shades:  more or less degraded brown, multicolored (white, red, pink , orange), overlapping and so on . In any case, however, is not mandatory that these copies will transmit the characters of “rainbow”. What I mean is that in order to obtain rainbows, only experimenting with them one can demonstrate the true potential of “rainbow” type flower.

Summarizing, we can say that a “rainbow” flower can be categorized as such, based on its ability to convey those genes, hence the name “Rainbow producers”. But there are also flowers with the “rainbow” name, although they are completely devoid of the ability to transmit these characteristics.

Excerpt from Charles Atiu – HIBISCUS -A passion dedicated life

1 JMMA  1001 Nights 2 3Moorea Angel Or Devil 4 5 6 7 JMMA Duplicitous 8 9 10 11Moorea Boomerang 12 14 15 Moorea Merveille Intensity 16 17 JMMA Ex-Girlfriend 18 18- 19 20 21 22 JMMA Heart Of The Beast 23 24 25 26 27 28JMMA Children of the Night 29 30

Happy Birthday, Dear Master Charles Atiu!


Today is the Anniversary of a Genius. Master Charles Atiu turns 53!

Happy Birthday! And may God guides your huge talent to give this world your unique creations, for the pleasure of all hibiscus lovers.

And the blooms below as a gift from Master Atiu, on his birthday. Needless to say more.


1-Moorea Clara B. 3 Moorea Road To Inferno 6 Moorea Timeri Beauty 7 Moorea Queen Of My Heart 9 Moorea Timisoara IMMA Casiana Gabriela KMMA I Am Charles Atiu KMMA My Deepest Love Moorea Charles Heart Moorea Grumpy Moorea Lovely Treasure Moorea Pentru Tine 2
4 5 88-10

17 12 12- 13 14 15

Brownies as a chocolate cake 🙂

16 17 18 19 20 78
2 4- 11-

Brown can be the most beautiful colour


Enjoy browns as you didn’t see them before… as Moorea hibiscus browns.

One thing is true: In hybridization we work only with probability. By taking into consideration the genetic potential of each flower, we judge in our spirit and our mind if a cross could be favorable or not. Each hybridizer has its own judgment and way of doing things. As with colors, it is impossible to see two identical hybridizers in terms of their quest, direction, and above all, results. Let’s take the case of maroon color. If we cross maroon colors very often, the possibilities of obtaining maroon flowers will be increased, but there’s no certainty that the results in this direction will be satisfactory within what we look for. In all case, the more experiments one does with the flowers, the easier it will be to find the direction one is looking for.

Charles Atiu

Moorea Timeri Beauty

Moorea Timeri Beauty

Moorea Shalimar    Moorea Incertitude

Moorea Shalimar                                                            Moorea Incertitude

Moorea Melissa N
Moorea I Met An Angel

Moorea I Met an Angel                                                                                               Moorea Melissa N.

Moorea Aiud Sunset

Moorea Aiud Sunset

Moorea Bird's NestMoorea Legend

Moorea Bird’s Nest

                                                                                                                               Moorea Legend

Moorea Cancan IF 

Moorea Brune Anastasya                                                                                   Moorea Cancan


Moorea Crazy Gold

Details about the parentage of these cultivars can be found on IHS – at letter “M”

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cultivars