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Master Atiu’s Grafting Method


Grafting is a method of obtaining identical plants using a fragment from a mother plant – the scion, and a rootstock, that is usually a hibiscus species, like Albo lacinatus, Pride of Hankins etc. The goal of grafting is to connect the sap-flow from the rootstock to the scion, so the new plant will bear only the characteristics of the scion.

In the following images, one can see and learn how simple this procedure is made by the hands of Master Charles Atiu.

1.Useful materials: a sharp knife, a piece of thick grafting tape,  a piece of wood 14-15 cm. long – the scion.


2.The root stock must have branches as thick as a pencil. 2   

3.Cut the entire top of the root stock, removing any leaves or buds left on it and then practice a V – section at the top of the rootstock.4l 5

4. Prepare the scion by making two incisions on both sides, to shape its size according to that of rootstock.


5. In order to make sure that the graft is succesfull, line up perfectly cambium layers of the rootstock and scion.

9l 10


6. Wrap the grafted area firmly and evenly with grafting tape and cover it with a plastic bag to ensure the high level of humidity needed.

12 14

7. Finally, the desired result: fresh green leaves of a new plant!