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Charles Atiu’s Birthday Celebration


So many people around the world congratulated master Atiu for his birthday. A big Thank You from him to all of you and a piece of the cake he received for his birthday from his Romanian long life friend. For those who wonder who I’m referring to, here’s a clue:

DSC09553 (2) decoup


As Master Charles Atiu is a very modest but generous person, he will pay forward all the good wishes by continuing to create unique Moorean blooms that, eventually, will get to our homes one day 🙂



Because dreams can – sometimes – become true, especially if they are related to the Opera of an Artist of Hibiscus World.

I wish all of you, in Master Atiu’s behalf, that at least one of his new 10.000 cultivars from the New Charles Atiu Collection to reach your home and enlighten your life with beauty. 47



Here’s a blaze of Moorea beauty as a promise for the future creations 🙂

And a great weekend to all of you!6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Happy Birthday, Dear Master Charles Atiu!


Today is the Anniversary of a Genius. Master Charles Atiu turns 53!

Happy Birthday! And may God guides your huge talent to give this world your unique creations, for the pleasure of all hibiscus lovers.

And the blooms below as a gift from Master Atiu, on his birthday. Needless to say more.


1-Moorea Clara B. 3 Moorea Road To Inferno 6 Moorea Timeri Beauty 7 Moorea Queen Of My Heart 9 Moorea Timisoara IMMA Casiana Gabriela KMMA I Am Charles Atiu KMMA My Deepest Love Moorea Charles Heart Moorea Grumpy Moorea Lovely Treasure Moorea Pentru Tine 2
4 5 88-10

17 12 12- 13 14 15

Brownies as a chocolate cake 🙂

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2 4- 11-