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Growing Hibiscus from Seeds (2)


You can follow on this post the last stages of seedlings before first flower. 

My deep gratitude to Mrs. Monica Trusca for being so kind and letting me use her pictures of the process. We can see below the evolution of Moorea seedlings from 1 month to 10 months – first flower.

During this period the plantlets were regularly fed with diluted solution of Hibiscus feed.

Good luck with your seeds or with your seedlings, and for those who didn’t try yet this experience, it’s time to do it! The reward will be huge and your soul will be filled with grace and colour.

017-planta la 60 de zile de viata

Moorea seedlings at 60 days of life

018-radacina planta la 60 zile de viata

Roots – 60 days seedling

019-planta la 90 zile de viata

Moorea seedling – 90 days of life

020 -balot radacina-planta la 90 zile de viata

Roots – 90 days seedling

021-transplantare in vase mai mari-90 zile de viata

90 days old Moorea seedlings transplanted in bigger pots

022-evolutie- 120z ile de viata

 120 days old Moorea seedlings

023'-evolutie-150 zile

Evolution – 150 days

024- evolutie- 180 zile de viata

Evolution – 180 days

025-planta din seminte -210 zile de viata

Moorea seedling – 210 days old

026-planta din seminte-210 zile de viata

10 months old

027-planta din seminte-prima floare - la 10 luni de viata

First flower of a 10 months old Moorea seedling

029-prima floare

Side view

031-prima floare ,deshisa complet

First flower of a 10 months old Moorea seedling, completely open.


Growing Hibiscus from seeds (Part 1)


Growing hibiscus from seeds is – from my point of view – one of the most rewarding experiences one can achieve. It can last from 6 months to 3 years to see the first flower of a hibiscus born from your own two hands 🙂

As Mrs. Monica Trusca was so kind to share her pictures of the process, I made a two part article to show it.

I think that first of all everyone must try to provide the seedlings the most appropriate conditions for growing and flowering, even if we live in a less friendly environment for hibiscus.

First of all, we must use VERY FRESH seeds. It is essential.

Here are the seeds freshly harvested from their pods:

04-seminte uscate

We can see the mature seeds ripening from the seed pods. After taking them out, every tiny seed must be scarified on the bellied end. That means we must take a sharp knife or a cutter and remove the tiniest part of the black coat that covers the white embryo. This procedure is necessary in order to let the moisture get to the embryo and make it sprout. The seeds must look like this:

06- pegatirea pt. germinare pe servetel umed

Seeds are placed on a wet paper towel treated with a substance such as Previcur from Bayer.

07 a- pentru germinare perfecta, se asigura umiditatea necesara

The seeds are then placed in a propagator (ideal situation) or in a lid box (less than ideal)  in order to keep the humidity inside and help them germinate quickly. To obtain this, the temperature inside the germination box must be 22 Celsius or more.

08- plantutele de 1-2 zile

The germinated seeds after 2 days

The tiny embryos must then be cleared from the black coats, because these can get mildew and kill the tiny plants. During this process, we must spray the seeds once or twice with a DILUTED substance of antifungal agent.

09- prima transplantarein substrat

After 4-5 days, the plantlets can be transplanted for the first time into substrate, keeping in mind that they still need a lot of humidity to grow. Try to cover the plantlets with a lid or a transparent bag and ventilate them several times a day while keeping the temperature at 22 Celsius.

010-evolutie-14 zile

Evolution: seedlings have 14 days and we can start and feed them with a VERY diluted solution of Hibiscus Feed.

011-evolutie-30 zile

Evolution: seedlings have 30 days 🙂

013-a doua transplantare individual-30 zile

30 days seedling individually transplanted for the first time.

016-evolutie-mai multe generatii (30 zile-60 zile)

Several generations of Hibiscus seedlings – from 30 to 60 days.

The second part of this article will show the plants from 60 days to flowering size 🙂

Have a nice week all!