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Breathtaking Moorea Silver Sun


In my opinion, Moorea Silver Sun is one of a kind…

A genius creation from the Genius of Hibiscus creation – Master Charles Atiu.51 2 JMMA Under Your Spell 3 NMMA Bombay Cat 4 Moorea Silver Sun
6 7 8 9 10 Moorea Mon Amour 11 moorea Angel Or Devil 12 13 Moorea Lacramioara Mihaiela 14 15 16 Moorea Perseides 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 NMMA Black Heart 28 29 30


Maybe Autumn Is Still Far… Summer Colors NMMA 19.09


Looking at this beauties, I am fooling myself that Autumn is still far… Fortunately we will have this Hibiscus Sanctuary in Autumn and Winter, too, to please our eyes and souls with the wonderful creations of wonderful Master Charles Atiu 🙂
NMMA Bath Bomb NMMA Lavender Lemonade NMMA Sulu

Details about the parentage of these cultivars can be found on IHS – at letter “N”

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cultivars

Master Charles Atiu’s Heavenly Hibiscus Sanctuary


An admirer of Master Atiu’s work posted the other day a comment, saying that we should have Hibiscus Gardens all around the world. These are his words:

It would be wonderful to have gardens of Hibiscus for the public. They would have to be confined to the tropics, but what magnificent a sight it would be to help restore nature and lift our spirits.
I am unaware of any such gardens. There is one in Malaysia, but when I see pictures, it does not have a great variety. Of course it would not be easy, but nothing worthwhile is. It would be a garden of great beauty and be a testament to Charles Atiu’s genius and all those involved in this wonder of the gardening World.

By me, these heavenly place already exists, and the blooms below are the proof of the only Hibiscus Sanctuary on Earth, made and maintained by Master Atiu’s genius on the island of Moorea 🙂

1 1NMMA Black Heart 2 3Moorea Timery Beauty 4Moorea Silver Rabbit 5 6KMMA 53 Candles 7 8 9 10NMMA Dracula's Fiancée 11 12 13 14- 15Moorea Dream On An Angel 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29Fabulous Moon Purple Ice 30 2 Moorea Road To Inferna 3 Moorea Milagro 4 Moorea Child's Tears 5 6 Moorea Mon Amour 7 NMMA Shamballa 8 9 10 11 NMMA Dracula's Fiancée 12 13 Moorea Tricky Brown 14 15 NMMA Silent Cry 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Moorea Hanalei 30 Moorea Estranya Tacada

A Little History Lesson – NMMA for 17 and 18.09


The newest creations coming form Master Charles Atiu’s hands are taking us to different places in time and history. From Ancient Greece to present Croatia, every name means something and combines the beauty and the grace of the blooms to a story behind them…NMMA Spreepark

 Spreepark! | Abandoned Berlin


Pyla – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

NMMA Suzannah

NMMA Giostra

NMMA Herodias

Herodias – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

NMMA Moreška

Moreška – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Details about the parentage of these cultivars can be found on IHS – at letter “N”

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cultivars


Sequences Of Blue, As In Master Atiu’s Blue


In my home I became used to see blue hibiscuses . After a few years , Moorea Dark Kiss had become a common flower,  until her picture was posted to the Internet for the first time. That was the moment when I realized that I am the creator of an unique flower, realizing it was me the first one that I got the most intense blue color seen on any hibiscus. But to be understood, for me it is nothing more than a flower with a beautiful color, exceptional , of course, but nothing more than that.  For me, all flowers are beautiful and all colors are exceptional. And I say this because only time and experience have turned me into a hybridizer .

The next step was to try all possible combinations for obtaining the darkest blue . As I often say, my motto is to imagine the unthinkable. Once I got it, I’m sure that a new challenge is waiting for me .

So many episodes, and all so fascinating. It remains to be seen if the unthinkable will become reality someday !

Excerpt from Charles Atiu – HIBISCUS -A passion dedicated life

1231254768 Moorea La Boheme


1310--914 Moorea Angel Or Devil111815-161720192321-272627-Moorea Queen of My Soul2821-25

Thinking of Winter – LMMA Male Ciche


LMMA Male Ciche

Stacja Narciarska Małe Ciche

LMMA Materialistic GirlLMMA Route 66

Details about the parentage of these cultivars can be found on IHS – at letter “L”

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cultivars