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A Life’s Story Written On Hibiscus Petals


Happy Birthday, Master! I wanted to start by saying this, first of all.

KMMA I Am Charles Atiu

Master Charles Atiu turns 53 today. At least half of these years were dedicated to Hibiscus hybridizing.

KMMA 53 Candles

I wanted to share with you a few words that Master Atiu used to say about the Life Story behind the names of Charles Atiu’s Moorean Blooms.

KMMA A La Votre !

I have named many of my flowers because of a story or an experience. I will only mention a few of them:

 Moorea Sublime A. Its name is actually a memory from part of my life. I met a woman who changed my life. We covered together part of the journey, but one day she left suddenly. To be precise, from where she is now, she can not return, for it is the place where we will all go one day. However, she was the one who named this wonderful flower.

M. Sublime A.

 Moorea Fire Ice. At first, this flower was due to be named Moorea Ice Blue, but that day, just a few minutes before the flower bloomed, an explosion occurred and I was seriously burned,  had to be taken to New Zealand for a skin graft as part of my recovery.

Moorea Fire Ice

Two days later I came out of coma and insisted in seeing the flower. A relative brought it to me and thus I named it Moorea Fire Ice, to remember the day of the accident and to never forget that life dangles from a thin string.  

 Moorea Abyss, for Jennifer. Jennifer was my doctor while I was in the hospital. She helped me manage the situation I was in. At her request, I gave her name to one of my flowers of her favorite color, blue. Word by word, this is what she told me: “If you manage to produce a new blue-colored flower, I would love for you to dedicate it to me”. And so I did, in her honor.


 Moorea Mamie Blue. It could be believed that I named this flower because if its parents, but no. With this flower, I wanted for my own mother to give it a name. She did not know the crossing details and I just wanted a memory of her through this flower. As amazing as it may sound, and without much thinking, she named it that way: Mamie, the name her children called her, and Blue for the color. From then on, that’s its name, along with its story.


 Other Mooreas such as Baby Loo, Tamahana, Felicity Amore, Jenny T, Hinanui, Charly Brown, Flavia Flash, Mohea… and many more, all have their own story behind them. Fifty chapters won’t be enough to mention them all!

 This is the way I use to name most of my flowers. And it’s thanks to this method, no doubt, that I can remember them all. In any case, it helps me to never forget my past. At least I will have something to tell my grandchildren someday.

KMMA Born On July 11th

As you may know, Master Atiu is currently  working at a huge Hibiscus project, aiming to register 10.000 new hibiscus cultivars. Today over 7.000 of them are planted in his splendid Hanging Moorean Gardens, and are producing flowers and seeds.  Surrounded and sustained by his family – 4 children and 3 grandchildren, friends and admirers from around the world, Master Charles Atiu continues his work, offering to the mankind an inestimable heritage. He is creating the largest Hibiscus Sanctuary in the world, which is, without any doubt, UNIQUE.

KMMA Chain Of Memories

At 53, Master Charles Atiu is a COMPLETE ARTIST, a GENIUS of Hibiscus Hybridizing and a fulfilled man, with a great family and professional life.

Below just few of his newest cultivars, from New Collection Charles Atiu…

KMMA Addicted To You KMMA Cancer Personality KMMA Chales's Game KMMA Changes KMMA I'm Polynesian KMMA Lofty Love KMMA My Deepest Love KMMA The Core Of Moorea KMMA Tihoti Unique

Knowing his modesty, I will conclude here, although there is a lot more to say…

Happy Birthday, Master Atiu!