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Moorea Passionate Glance


At a glance, you can see it’s nothing more to say…

Great Sunday all!

292825-GMMA Beauty From Pain231311

9-10 GMMA Paths Of Love


1 Moorea Road To Inferno

83--3-2 Moorea Crazy Night6 Moorea Passionnate Glance


Romanticism Expression In Moorean Hibiscus Blooms


Romanticism characterizes an intense emotion as an authentic source of aesthetic experience and, no doubt that the marvelous blooms obtained by Master Charles Atiu are a great source of aesthetic experience, as long as they are producing intense emotions in our souls.

Here is an example of such a cultivar from New Charles Atiu Collection – Moorea Romantique Quatrain.

26 Moorea Romantique Quatrain

1 Moorea Road To Inferno 2 2-Moorea Tired Kitten 3 Moorea Nouveau 4 Moorea Child's Tears 5 6 Moorea Midnight Poison 7-Moorea Fickle Girl 8 9 10 Moorea Mother Love 10- 11 12 13 Moorea Flippant 13- 14- Moorea Hanging Garden 15 16 Moorea Boomerang 17 17-Moorea Angel Or Devil 18 19 Moorea Zermatt 20 21 22 Moorea Two Faces 23 24 25 30 KMMA Witch Of Oium 30 31- 32 33 34- 35 36 37 38

Imagine The Unthinkable – Moorea Road To Inferno


 In my home I became used to see blue-colored hibiscus. After a few years, M. Dark Kiss was already considered a common flower, until the day it was first publicly shown on the web. I became aware then that I had a flower that was unique, realizing that it was me who had obtained the highest grade in that color. But let’s make it clear. To me, it is nothing more than a flower of beautiful colors, exceptional of course, but nothing more than that. All flowers are beautiful to me and all colors exceptional. And I say so because time and experience have made me a hybridizer.

 My next step now is to find the necessary combination to obtain the darkest possible flower. As I often say, my motto is to imagine the unthinkable. Once that is accomplished, there will surely be another challenge waiting for me.

So many episodes, and all so fascinating. It is still left to see if the unthinkable will some day become reality.

Charles ATIU – Hibiscus – A Passion Dedicated Life

It seems that Master Atiu found the way to transform the unthinkable into reality, with this creation. It is UNIQUE, and all the different renditions surpised below prove it’s SINGULARITY.

Moorea Road To Inferno – diferrent faces

1 Moorea Road To Infernoa-0-P1020462

1-Moorea Road To Inferno5-Moorea Road To Inferno

1 Moorea Road To Inferno
1-Moorea Road To Inferno
3-Moorea Road To Inferno516-Moorea Road To Inferno2-Moorea Road to Inferno24