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Happy Mother’s Day !


For all the Mothers  in the whole world, The Greeting comes along with some gorgeous Moorea Hibiscus, that Master Charles Atiu is dedicating to us.

Have a sunny sky above you, lots of health and lots of joy in your hearts, and may all your children be good and caring.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mothers, wherever You are!



1Moorea Queen Of My Heart

Moorea Queen Of My Heart23Moorea Tired Kitten

Moorea Tired Kitten


6- 7Moorea Timeri Beauty

Moorea Timeri Beauty

8 9 10 11 12Moorea Charles Heart

Moorea Charles Heart

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For Our Mothers, Some Golden Flowers


All the gold in the world won’t be enough to thank our beloved Mothers for taking us into the world, nursing us, feeding us, raising us, and treating us as Children even if we’re 50… 🙂 As long as we still have Mothers, we are still (their) Children.

Enjoy the gorgeous flowers that Master Charles Atiu is dedicating to Mothers.