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New Hibiscus Index: HMMA takes the place of Moorea


Starting February, 1st, 2014, the new index for Moorea cultivars, creations of Master Charles Atiu, is HMMA.  If you ask yourselves why Master Atiu did this change, the answer is simple. He wanted to decongest the letter “M”, from Moorea, on the International Hibiscus Society site (Search Engine), as long as he prepares a new collection of hibiscuses counting around 10,000 cultivars!

Some of the newest and yet amazing cultivars HMMA –  under the brand Charles Atiu, were already registered and posted on IHS site, at letter H ( )

Enclosed for your viewing pleasure, just a few of them:

HMMA Miracles of Love  HMMA Lead Guitar

HMMA Miracles of Love                                          HMMA Lead Guitar

HMMA Angora Mohair  HMMA Bathrobe

HMMA Angora Mohair                                           HMMA Bathrobe

HMMA Beeswax Candle  HMMA Blues In Blue

HMMA Beeswax Candle                                          HMMA Blues in Blue

HMMA Faith In Destiny  HMMA Flying Kestrel

HMMA Faith in Destiny                                          HMMA Flying Kestrel

HMMA Forest Solitude  HMMA Game Of Lights

HMMA Forest Solitude                                            HMMA Game of Lights

HMMA Hyacinth  HMMA Lets Not Forget

HMMA Hyacinth                                                       HMMA Let’s Not Forget

HMMA Washed Rock  HMMA Alaska

HMMA Washed Rock                                              HMMA Alaska

So, since last Saturday, we must look for HMMA index if we want to find the novelties that Master Atiu brings to us!